GeekSpring Makeover – We Will Be Back!


Hi Geeks,

We want to start by apologizing by the lack of content on the site. I know many of you enjoy the responsive experience that we have to offer when it comes to our website and the content that is published. We are truly grateful and blessed to have the support we have had for the past two years on the web. Our mission has always been and will always be to provide world-class tech and gaming enthusiast-based content, but we feel like we have not lived up to our mission within the past two years since launch. 

So we want to focus more on our mission and deliver on what we have set our standard to be since day one. But, first we have to take a step back and gather what we have learned from our first two years on this mission. As of August 8th, 2019, will be going offline and undergoing a mission-focused makeover. All legacy content will be intact and nothing will be deleted. Consider this process as an upgrade and not a downgrade. 

Time is still to be determined on how long this upgrade will take, but rest assure that we will be providing a timeline of progress. A countdown timer will also be posted once we get closer to the reveal of the new and improved GeekSpring website. We will still be active within our social media platforms, so be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter, & Instagram for updates, behind-the-scenes content, and much more. We very excited to show you guys the final product and we hope that it makes a great step forward to providing world-class tech and gaming content for the enthusiasts in mind.

This is Joshua Berrios, Founder/Editor-in-Chief of GeekSpring, SIGNING OUT…!!!



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